The Georgia Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission (GNPEC) was established by legislation enacted in 1990. GNPEC operations began in 1991, and the first Commission members were appointed in 1992. Prior to the creation of GNPEC, the Georgia Department of Education was responsible for the regulation of nondegree-granting schools (under the Proprietary School Act) and degree-granting schools (under the Postsecondary Educational Authorization Act). Under the 1990 Act, these earlier statutes were repealed and regulatory authority was consolidated with the Commission.

The primary purpose for GNPEC is to ensure each authorized college or school is educationally sound and financially stable. Specifically, GNPEC works to 1) assure prospective and enrolled students that the program of study and supporting elements of the institutions meet minimum standards, 2) assure prospective employers that institutions have been vetted for providing graduates with appropriate job skills, and 3) assure the general public, federal agencies, and other state agencies that programs meet minimum standards.

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