Federal Online Compliance

The Commission offered, through and including October 17, 2016, the opportunity for out-of-State entities to gain permission to offer online programming through a process identified as “Federal Online Compliance”. This process had been offered by the Commission since early in 2011 and was structured to assist such entities to respond to the requirements of 34CFR600.9. In excess of 1100 entities nationwide took the opportunity offered by the Commission, and several hundred will remain permitted through and including October 16, 2017, resultant from having pursued and completed this process.

Given that this process is no longer available to be initiated or reinitiated, any entity which desires to provide online programming or an activity in the State which constitutes “physical presence” must either file an application for a Certificate of Authorization or be SARA-approved from their State and conduct such activities within the context of NC-SARA policy. If your state is not a SARA member, the only option which can be provided is filing an application with the Commission. Should you wish to file an application, a telephone interview will be necessary.

Prior to scheduling a telephone interview relative to the application process, please review the following information: