Initial Authorization Application


An institution that seeks to operate in Georgia as required by the Nonpublic Postsecondary Educational Institutions Act of 1990 must apply for a Certificate of Authorization; the application for which is to be submitted electronically by applicants.

  1. The Institutional Proposal for GNPEC Authorization must be submitted to the Deputy Director for review.
  1. Requests for additional information or scheduling an invitation for an initial interview will be delivered via email within 10 business day of receipt of the proposal.
  1. The initial interview will provide a review of the application process and educate institutional representatives should there be any questions or areas in need of clarification.
  1. If approved to proceed with an application, the applicant will be provided with detailed login credentials to be used to access the application portal.
  1. The Initial Authorization Application will be completed in EDvera, GNPEC's online application system. 

The following items will be required as part of the application:

  • Basic institutional profile information         
  • Self evaluation of the Minimum Standards
  • New Program Application for each proposed program
  • Entrance requirements description
  • Entrance information provided to students
  • Enrollment Agreement/Student Contract
  • Educational goals for the institution
  • Certificate or diploma example
  • Statement of business practices and advertising policies
  • Description of facilities and equipment
  • Description of placement services
  • Current catalog
  • Copy of Occupancy Permit
  • Complaint Procedure (GNPEC must be final appeal step for GA students)
  • Refund Policy (Must be as favorable to the student as GNPEC refund policy, which can be found in Standard 9 of the Minimum Standards)
  • Description of Learning Resource System
  • Organizational chart
  • New Agent Permit Application(s) (If applicable)
  • Personnel Data Inventory Forms
  • Director’s Agreement
  • Records Agreement
  • Financial Statement and tuition information with estimations for the first year of operation (Please be aware that a financial review viability assessment will also be required as part of the authorization process. Additional financial documentation may be requested in order to complete this review.  Review Minimum Standard 8 for detailed information regarding financial resources and proof of sufficient funds for one year of operating expenses.)
  • Preliminary Bond Approval Letter (Letter from an insurance agency or bonding company certifying that the institution owner is qualified to secure the required bond; do not secure the actual bond until you are instructed to do so by your assigned Standards Administrator.)
  • Fees (Please see Schedule of Fees on the website for details)
  1. After receipt of the Application Evaluation Fee and complete application submission, the Deputy Director will assign a Standards Administrator (SA) to work with the institution through the remainder of the authorization process. Please note that no review will be conducted until the Application Evaluation Fee has been received.
  1. The SA will determine any need for modifications, if necessary, and will work directly with the institutional representative to inform him or her of the required changes.
  1. The SA will submit the institution’s financial documentation to the external auditor to conduct a financial viability assessment.  The auditor may request additional financial documentation, require a Financial Improvement Plan, or provide an approved financial assessment of the institution.  The SA will guide the institutional contact through the process should any additional documentation be required.
  1. The SA will also determine the need for an evaluation team to review the curriculum.
  1. In the event that an evaluation team is empaneled, the SA will notify the institution regarding the required fees and the institution’s preparation for the onsite visit. The institution must remit the Committee Evaluation Fee before the site visit will be scheduled or review of any course materials by the evaluator be conducted.
  1. The evaluation team may visit the institution. Site visits may potentially include inspections, data collection, reviews, and audits to be carried out by the SA and/or evaluators.
  1. Recommendations and/or suggestions are made by the evaluation team in a written report to the SA who in turn presents the assessment to the institution.
  1. If the report is unfavorable, the institution is given six months to respond to the report and to make adequate improvement.
  1. After receiving the institution’s response to an unfavorable report, the SA and/or an evaluation team may revisit the institution to review and evaluate all required changes.
  1. If the institution again fails, the SA issues a written report of the committee’s findings. If the findings are minor, the institution will have one month to correct problems. If the findings are major, or cannot be corrected within the one-month timeframe, the institution must wait one full year to reapply, and the applicant must again complete the entire application process, including the payment of all fees.
  1.  If the institution meets the GNPEC standards for authorization, it must AT THIS POINT provide an original surety bond, the TGTF fee, and the Authorization Fee for the first year of operation. See the Schedule of Fees for information regarding the calculation of these amounts. The bond is to be secured only after the SA informs the institution of approval and must be dated exactly as directed by the SA.
  1. Having met GNPEC standards and paid all appropriate fees, the institution is issued a Certificate of Authorization, which is valid for a maximum of one year and must be visibly posted on the campus.
  1. Application for annual renewal of Certificate of Authorization, with all appropriate fees, is due at the GNPEC office no later than sixty (60) days prior to the certificate’s expiration date.

Please be aware that institutions not accredited by a US-based accrediting association recognized by the United States Secretary of Education are required to submit the GNPEC Student Outcome Data Report on September 1 of each year.  Additionally, for institutions not accredited by a US-based accrediting association recognized by the United States Secretary of Education, the GNPEC Student Disclosure Form must be provided to each student at the time of his/her enrollment. It must be signed by both the student and institutional representative, and a copy must be included in the student’s file.