The institution has made provisions for a systematic program of job placement which it makes available to its students and graduates.


The following criteria are used by professional staff members and evaluation committees as indicators of compliance for the standard.

  1. The institution has established procedures for placement assistance including:
    • instructions on resume preparation, job searches, interview skills and related topics offered near the end of each program of study;
    • helping students to find and accept job interviews;
    • the maintenance of an extensive ongoing employer contact list for students within the career field of education/training.
  2. The institution maintains placement records that include:
    • placement activities for each graduate;
    • a follow-up system for collecting, recording and maintaining employment information on graduates of all programs on an annual basis for at least one year  for the purposes of:
      • verification to NPEC that the successful completion of an educational  program leads to employment;
      • program modification by faculty members;
      • institutional planning.