The Georgia Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission (GNPEC) is aware of the “receivership” status of the Argosy University campuses in Georgia:

Atlanta -  980 Hammond Drive, Building 2, Suite 100, Atlanta, GA 30328

Online (GA students only)- 333 City BLVD West, Suite 1810, Orange County, CA 92868

Receivership is a process where a company is placed under a court’s protection while it settles its financial affairs without the threat of its assets diminishing. A key component of the process is the appointment of a receiver whose primary responsibility is to stabilize the company and maximize its value. The receivership process gives companies the opportunity to chart a new course while protecting all of its stakeholders and its assets.

Once appointed, the receiver acts as the key negotiator and financial manager for the company. The receiver’s goal is to ensure that all of the company’s financial obligations are practical, fiscally sound, and in the best interests of the company and its stakeholders. Ultimately, any decision that the receiver makes must be approved by the court overseeing the receivership. The court will apply principles of equity to ensure that the process is fair and orderly.


Students have the option available on their student portals to request transcripts. Students will have to pay a fee for transcripts.

Questions or Concerns at the Atlanta or Online Campus

Argosy University-Atlanta students with questions or concerns may contact the Campus President, Dr. Charlita Shelton, at 770-576-2100 or

Argosy University- Online students with questions or concerns may contact the Argosy Phoenix Campus President, Anthony Spano, at 602-216-3114 or

Student Complaints

Students have the option available on their student portals to file formal student complaints.   

Federal Student Loans and Pell Grants

If you have general questions about federal loans, you should first try to contact your loan servicer. 

If you still have questions about your Federal Student Loans or Pell Grants, DPSA suggests you contact the Federal Student Aid Ombudsman Group of the U.S. Department of Education.  More information about this group is available at  

If you have private loans, you will need to contact your loan servicer.

Other Inquiries

If you are a current or former student and you have specific questions regarding the receivership status and how it affects your enrollment, please email GNPEC at with the following information:

Name (as it appears on your enrollment documentation):

Preferred Phone Number:

Preferred Email Address:

Current Address:

Details of Your Attendance:

Argosy University Campus

Program Name

Start date

Do you know how many credit hours you have successfully completed?

Have you graduated? If not, when are you scheduled to graduate? 

Please know that GNPEC is working diligently to support the students that are affected by the receivership status, and we will respond to your questions as efficiently as possible.