Complaints Against an Institution

The Commission requires that students utilize and complete their institution's grievance procedure in an attempt to resolve any complaint or concern before submitting a complaint to the Commission. If the institution’s resolution is not satisfactory, a student may then appeal to the Commission, but it will not investigate a complaint unless the student has exhausted all available grievance procedures outlined by the institution.

Non-student complaints must comply with the general complaint rules; complainants should review all information prior to submission.

See our GNPEC complaint rules and SARA complaint rules for full information.

Type of Complaint

If your complaint regards one of the following, contact your institution directly:

  • a student’s admission to or graduation from an institution;
  • academic issues including grades, transferability of credits, and/or the application of academic policies;
  • fees charged or other contractual financial matters; or
  • disciplinary matters or other contractual rights and obligations. 

If your complaint regards one of the following, fill out a complaint form:

  • the institution is not in compliance with the Commission’s Minimum Standards, or
  • the institution is not in compliance with its own published policies. 

If your complaint regards Federal Student Aid, it should be addressed to the U.S. Department of Education using the following URL: