The U.S. Department of Education (ED) issued a letter on February 27, 2019 notifying Argosy University that, as of that day, its participation in the federal student aid programs ends. As of the publication of this notification from GNPEC, Argosy University has not closed.  However, this letter from the ED means that you cannot receive future federal student aid as a student at Argosy University Atlanta or Argosy University Online.

The ED has published information regarding this status at the following:  This website provides students with information on “receivership”, affected Argosy institutions, loan related FAQs and contact information.  

Please review the information provided on the website carefully. 

Other Inquiries

If you are a current or former student and you have specific questions that are not answered on the ED published website regarding this development and how it affects your enrollment, please email GNPEC at with the following information:

Name (as it appears on your enrollment documentation):

Preferred Phone Number:

Preferred Email Address:

Current Address:

Details of Your Attendance:

Argosy University Campus

Program Name

Start date

Do you know how many credit hours you have successfully completed?

Have you graduated? If not, when are you scheduled to graduate? 

Please know that GNPEC is working diligently to support the students that are affected by this development, publishing information as we receive it and responding to your questions as efficiently as possible.