Any person, group, or entity or any owner, officer, or employee thereof who shall willfully violate Code Section 20-3-250.7 or 20-3-250.8 or who shall fail or refuse to deposit with the executive director the records required by Code Section 20-3-250.17 shall be subject to a civil penalty not to exceed $1,000.00 for each violation. Each day’s failure to comply with such Code sections shall be a separate violation. Such fine may be imposed by the executive director in an administrative proceeding or by any court of competent jurisdiction. The commission shall adopt a schedule of regularly imposed fines for violations of this part and shall have such schedule published by the executive director.

HISTORY: Code 1981, § 20-3-250.21, enacted by Ga. L. 1990, p. 1166, § 3; Ga. L. 1991, p. 687, § 6 Ga. L. 2022, p. 378, § 15/SB 333.


The 2022 amendment, effective July 1, 2022, deleted “agent,” following “officer,” in the first sentence.