(a) Each person desiring to solicit or perform the services of an agent in this state shall make application to the executive director upon forms to be provided by the commission. Such application shall be accompanied by evidence of the good reputation and character of the applicant in a form to be prescribed by the commission and shall state the institution or institutions which the applicant intends to represent. An agent representing more than one institution must obtain a separate agent’s permit for each institution represented, but when an agent represents institutions having a common ownership, only one agent’s permit shall be required with respect to such institutions. No postsecondary educational institution shall employ or otherwise retain the services of an agent who has not been issued an agent’s permit by the commission. In the event any institution which the applicant intends to represent does not have authorization to operate in this state, such application shall be accompanied by the information required of institutions making application for such authorization. Such application for an agent’s permit shall also be accompanied by payment of the agent’s permit fee specified by Code Section 20-3-250.11.

(b) Following review of such application and any further information submitted by the applicant or required by the executive director and such investigation of the applicant as the executive director may deem necessary or appropriate, the executive director shall either grant or deny an agent’s permit to the applicant.

(c) The agent’s permit shall be in a form approved by the commission and shall state in a clear and conspicuous manner at least the following information:

(1) The date of issuance, effective date, and term;

(2) The correct name and address of the agent; and

(3) The institution or institutions which such agent is authorized to represent.

(d) The term for which an agent’s permit is issued shall not extend for more than one year and may be issued for a lesser period of time.

(e) At least 60 days prior to the expiration of an agent’s permit, the agent shall complete and file with the executive director an application form for renewal of the permit. Such renewal application shall be reviewed and acted upon as provided in subsections (b) through (d) of this Code section.

HISTORY: Code 1981, § 20-3-250.9, enacted by Ga. L. 1990, p. 1166, § 3; Ga. L. 1991, p. 687, § 3; Ga. L. 1992, p. 1657, § 6.

NOTES: CODE COMMISSION NOTES. –Pursuant to Code Section 28-9-5, in 1992, a second “the” was deleted preceding “agent’s” in the last sentence of subsection (a).