The GNPEC Institutional Newsletter- November 2017

November 1, 2017


Welcome to the second edition of the GNPEC's Institutional Newsletter. As part of the Commission's ongoing efforts to provide support and information to schools serving Georgia residents, we are pleased to offer this newsletter to update our institution contacts with some new policies and procedures.

New Staff Announcements

The Commission is excited to announce the new Deputy Director and the addition of two new Standards Administrators.

Laura Vieth has been with the Commission as a Standards Administrator since 2011.  She assumed the role of Deputy Director beginning September 1 and will be completing her EdD in Learning, Leadership and Organizational Development from the University of Georgia in the coming months. 

Kimberly Searcy is one of our new Standards Administrator. She comes to us from the Georgia Student Finance Commission-Compliance Unit. Kimberly is a proud graduate of Georgia State University and Troy State University. With a wealth of experience having worked 15 years in Admissions and Financial Aid at various Board of Regents universities, the skills she obtained in her previous positions are an added factor in her role as a Standards Administrator.  She has undergone the training process for a Standards Administrator and is moving full-speed in reviewing the Authorization process of schools. Kimberly is elated to be a part of the GNPEC team and is eager to dive into the authorization processes.

Chad Woodard, Jr. is a new Standards Administrator. He comes to us from Financial Aid Services, Inc. He is a graduate of Columbus State University and Georgia Southern University. Chad has years of experience in Financial Aid, Disability Services, and Adult Re-Entry. His experiences and skills learned in previous positions at higher education institutions will be an added asset in his role as Standards Administrator at GNPEC. Chad is currently training for the Standards Administrator position and eager to begin the review of authorized and applicant institutions.

Website Updates

GTA Website Coming Soon!

The Commission is in the beginning phases of adopting a new website hosted by the Georgia Technology Authority.  We will notify our institutional representatives upon the official launch in early 2018.

Policy updates

Inactive Programs

The Commission has adopted a new policy for institutions with inactive programs, programs that have not had any enrolled students for two years, as well as institutions that have not had any enrolled students for at least two years. Please review the information regarding the Policy Regarding Inactive Programs and Institutions.

Late Renewal Submissions

The Commission is in the process of adopting a policy addressing late renewal applications submitted by institution representatives.  This new policy will administer serious consequences to the Authorization status of institutions who do not submit and complete their renewal applications in a timely manner.  Additional information will be provided in the near future.

Personnel and Agent Requirements

The Commission has revised requirements as to which personnel need to submit Personnel Data Inventory forms as well as who is in need of an Agent Permit.  Please review the new Policy Regarding Personnel and Agent Document Submissions. Please reach out to your Standards Administrator if you have any questions.

Student Disclosure Addition

#2 School Outcomes on the Disclosure Agreement should be updated to read as follows:

I have read and received a copy of the school’s unaudited, self-reported retention, graduation, and placement rates for the preceding year as well as the most recent Georgia licensure test results, if applicable, for the program I am entering.

The updated form may also be found on the Commission’s website by clicking here. “Unaudited, self-reported” has been added, and the previous statement, “Although collected, the data may not be available for students during the 2016-2017 academic year” has been removed.

Calendar Reminders

The most recent Commission Meeting for the Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission took place on October 16, 2017 at the Georgia Trade School in Acworth.  An unofficial Commission summary is available online and official minutes will be up soon.


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