1. Any interested person may petition the Commission requesting the promulgation, amendment, or repeal of a policy.

2. Form of Petition. Each petition for promulgation, amendment, or repeal of a policy shall be filed with the Commission in writing and shall include:

      (a) The name and postal address of the petitioner.

      (b) The full text of the policy desired to be promulgated or of the policy requested to be amended or repealed.

      (c) A paragraphed statement of the reason for the requested action, including all pertinent facts as to the petitioner's interest in the matter.

      (d) Citations of legal authorities, if any, which authorize, support, or require the action requested by petitioner.

3. Upon receipt of the petition, the Executive Director shall inquire into the matter. Acting for the Commission, the Executive Director shall, within 30 days after receipt of the petition, either deny the petition in writing stating the reasons for the denial or initiate policy making proceedings.




Approved by Commission Vote on October 28, 2019