The purpose of this policy is to establish a procedure for employees to report on violations of the Georgia Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission (GNPEC) policies and procedures or suspected violations of law. The policy applies to all GNPEC employees in accordance with O.C.G.A. § 45-1-4.

GNPEC is administratively attached to the Georgia Student Finance Commission (GSFC); therefore, GNPEC has adopted the framework of GSFC’s Whistleblower policy and procedure through which concerns or complaints involving GNPEC’s accounting, internal accounting controls, auditing matters, violations of GNPEC’s policies and procedures, as well as complaints regarding possible violations of law may be reported as set forth herein. The primary responsibility to receive such concerns or complaints will be with the GNPEC General Counsel and the secondary responsibility will be with GSFC Human Resources ([email protected]).

It is GNPEC’s policy to comply with all applicable laws that protect employees against unlawful discrimination or retaliation as a result of their lawfully reporting information regarding, or their participation in investigations involving corporate fraud or other violations by GNPEC staff or its agents of federal or state law. This policy prevents any employee from being subject to disciplinary or retaliatory action by GNPEC or any of its employees or agents as a result of (1) the employee disclosing or submitting information to a government or law enforcement agency, GNPEC’s General Counsel, or other party with responsibility under this policy, where the employee has a reasonable belief that a violation or possible violation of federal or state law has occurred or is occurring, and/or (2) an employee providing information or assistance in an investigation or proceeding regarding any concern or complaint. This policy will be communicated to staff by the Executive Director.

Specifically, relevant concerns or complaints submitted through this process that involve concerns by employees regarding questionable auditing practices, internal accounting controls, violations of GNPEC’s policies and procedures, or possible violations of law pertaining to GNPEC should be presented in writing to GNPEC’s General Counsel. Attached to this notice is a form that employees may use to submit concerns regarding such questionable practices. All such submissions by employees will be thoroughly reviewed and investigated. If the employee submits his or her name with the concern or complaint, he or she will receive a response upon completion of the investigation. Alternatively, a complaint may be filed directly with the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) by email ([email protected]) or by writing to the Inspector General at 2 Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive, SW, 1102 West Tower, Atlanta, GA 30334.


To: GNPEC General Counsel

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: (770) 724-9019

Concerns regarding questionable auditing practices, internal accounting controls, violations of the Agency’s policies and procedures, or possible violations of law:




If additional space is required, please continue using the other side of this sheet or attach an additional page. To enable the GNPEC General Counsel to communicate with you, you are encouraged to provide your name, address, and a telephone number where you can be reached during the day or evening. You have the right, however, to make the above submission on an anonymous basis.

Employee Name (optional)____________________________________________________________

Address (optional) ____________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip (optional) ____________________________________________________________

Daytime or evening telephone number (optional) ____________________________________________________________




Approved by Commission Vote January 24, 2022.