Statutory Authority: O.C.G.A. §§ 20-3-250.5(b)(2); 20-3-250.6(a)(4) 

1. Catalog must be provided to prospective students prior to enrollment and include the following: 

  • Institutional Mission Statement; 

  • Institutional contact information including address, phone number, and website; 

  • Description of facilities and equipment; 

  • Program offerings including each objective, length, curriculum outline, and applicable tuition and fees including all miscellaneous charges and expenses applicable to program completion; 

    • Disclosure regarding noncompliance with state or national vocational certifications, licensures, etc. must also be provided. 

  • Administrative policies; 

    • Student conduct and complaint policies; 

    • Withdrawal, refund, cancellation and readmission policies; 

    • Grading, Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) and graduation policies; and 

    • Extenuating circumstances policy. 

  • Admission policies; 

    • Degree programs must require completion of a high school education or equivalent. 

    •  Transfer Credit Policy. 

  • Descriptions of Supporting Services such as career services and learning management system use/instructions. 

  • Such other material facts concerning the institution and the program or course of instruction as are reasonably likely to affect the decision of the student to enroll therein. 

2. Students must be provided documentation of the following: 

  • Prior year’s enrollment, graduation, and job placement statistics; 

  • Accreditation status; and 

  • Any disclosures specified by the Executive Director. 

3. The Enrollment Agreement, Student Contract, or equivalent is the contractual agreement between the institution and the student. It must be provided to students prior to enrollment and include, at a minimum, the following: 

  • Name and contact information of the institution;  

  • Program name, length, schedule of sessions (days/hours); 

  • Program start date and anticipated end date;  

  • Student name, date of birth, contact information;  

  • Tuition, registration fee, other fees listed, total cost of program; 

  • Method of payment;  

  • Externship, clinical, or other field experience, if required;  

  • Career services;  

  • Refund policy (consistent with GNPEC’s requirements); and  

  • Disclosures. 

    • GNPEC Student Disclosure Form, if enrolling in an unaccredited institution, must be included; and 

    •  Disclosure regarding noncompliance with state or national vocational certifications, licensures, etc. must also be provided.