Statutory Authority: O.C.G.A. §§ 20-3-250.5(b)(2); 20-3-250.6(a)(2)

1. Adequate facilities and equipment must be available for instruction and education of good quality. 

  • These should be based on programmatic content, number of students, instructional modality, and equipment needs. 

  • Online programming, if offered, must be delivered through an adequate platform with sufficient technical support. 

2. Adequate facilities must be available for supporting instruction, including administration, storage, instructional modality, and student resources. 

3. Adequate and up to date equipment and materials must be available to support program content, number of students, and instructional modality. 

4. The equipment, buildings, and grounds must meet all applicable federal, state, and municipal codes. 

5. The institution’s learning resource system (library) must include materials commensurate with the level of education provided and appropriate to the courses of study in sufficient quantity and scope to meet the educational objectives of each program. This may include resources such as the following:  

  • relevant and current texts and periodicals;  

  • research journals and databases;  

  • standard works of reference;  

  • multi-media and/or electronic resources;  

  • electronic library resource technologies; and/or 

  • other resource materials necessary to adequately serve students.